Nymphia's Story 

"Legends of old Italian seafarers tell of the benevolent sea nymphs who rise from the depths to guide sailors who are lost at sea. "


Born of dry land and chosen by the mystical sea horses who guard Oceanus's domain, Nymphia is a young sea nymph who dwells in a mystical grotto within the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  

The youngest of three nereid sisters, Nymphia is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the healing life force of the ocean and utilizing its magical properties through a nautilus shell pendant around her neck.


An inquisitive creature by nature, she is known by many a legend for rescuing shipwrecked sailors and using her beautiful voice as a catalyst for her healing magic. Despite her power, Nymphia seeks to find the key to her lost human memories that she sacrificed through her transformation. The only clue she has to  reclaim them is by reuniting with a Viking prince named Thor whom she rescued from drowning many years ago. Her quest has taken her across the seas and against all odds to be reunited with the young man whom she loves so dearly. 

Regal, kind with an adventurer's spirit, Nymphia loves to share stories of her many adventures with humans who are willing to listen. She holds a deep fondness for human children. 

Our Story 

American Red Cross
Lifeguard Instructor 
Open Water Scuba Certified 

Nymphia: The Nautilus Mermaid started out as a mere pencil sketch, a character coined by a young Seaworld photographer by the name of Gabriel Rivera.


Born in San Diego, California and gifted with a fascination of all things fantastical, Gabriel never imagined that becoming a "professional entrepe-mermaid" could be an actual possibility. Gabriel began her mermaid journey in the spring of 2015 when she discovered the online merfolk community through a friend on Facebook. At the time, Gabriel had grown passionate in the arts delving into such passions as cosplay and costuming recreationally. It was only after leaving college in 2016 did the idea seem like a possibility. 

Upon starting her first event at a local renaissance faire, she adopted the performer name "Nymphia " after her beloved character, and built a reputation for performing alongside the sisters of the OB Merpod in San Diego.  Since her initial performance days, Nymphia has matured into quite the powerhouse, performing freelance for children's parties, adult birthday parties and festivals up and down the California coastline. Nymphia has also performed alongside the illustrious team at Dark Tide Productions, servicing a few of their events in the Los Angeles Area. Recently, Nymphia has become an ambassador and speaker for trans merfolk at the California Mermaid Convention in 2019. 

As a woman of trans identity, Nymphia hopes to spread the message that anyone can achieve their wildest dreams. Through her quite literal "transformation" she hopes that people will embrace diversity with in the performance arts and encourages people from all walks of life to live as their most authentic selves.

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