Her Story

Chosen by the mystical hippocampi, guardian beasts of the realm of Poseidon. Nymphia is a young nereid (sea nymph) who serves as the guardian of a cove within the border of Poseidon's realm in the Mediterranean Sea. The youngest of three sisters who were once denizens of dry land, Nymphia is tasked with the responsibility of harnessing the healing essence of the ocean and teaching those who enter her domain how to respect and care for our ocean's valuable marine life. 

Her beautiful singing voice and somber tales of sacrifice, love and adventure have captured ports of call from all over the Sea. From winning the heart of a young viking prince, to sailing the seas with the rough and tumble sea captain Marco Silvani. Nymphia's adventurous spirit and kind hearted bearing will capture the hearts of many a creature. 


Our Story

Mermaid Nymphia has always been fascinated with the mythology surrounding merpeople and their kin ever since childhood. Having grown up in the city of San Diego, a place known for its beautiful beaches as well as iconic marine inspired places such as scripps Oceanography institute and Seaworld, This was where she called home for most of her life. 

Nymphia wanted to become a professional mermaid after leaving art School as a fashion design major. She was drawn to the idea because, as Nymphia herself puts it, it combined all of her passions in life from swimming and storytelling, to costume design and children's entertainment. With a little bit of imagination as well as the aide of some business savvy parents, Nymphia's story was just about to unfold. 

Since her initial idea of performing, Nymphia has traveled up and down the california coast working and swimming alongside the likes of many local pods and groups. She has made frequent appearances alongside the Maritime Museum of San Diego as well as the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice beach meeting the locals and passersby who call the beach their paradise. 

With bigger dreams in mind, Nymphia hopes to spread the idea that anyone no matter what background they come from can make a difference in our world. As a mermaid of the LGBTQIA Community and of trans Identity, she stands with the idea that mermaiding can be a safe haven, and something that can be easily experienced and accessible to everyone!

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