Frequently asked Questions

How do I book/ Reserve a Mermaid?

We like to ensure that booking is simple and stress free for all of our clients. When booking a mermaid, you can message us on our contact page for booking inquiries or book us through Gigsalad. Be sure to be specific and detailed about the type of event you would like us to service. We will work hand and hand with you to offer exactly what services you are looking and perfectly match what you need. 

What happens after Booking?

Once you are completely satisfied with your celebration package, we will usually ask for a 50% deposit in order to secure the slot that you are looking to book. We highly recommend that the deposit be paid immediately to secure your spot. You may pay for the booking in full if you so choose but it is not mandatory. All booking inquiries and invoices are done through either PayPal or Venmo, depending on the convenience of the client. 

Once your deposit has been paid you will receive an email detailing the exact details including services, time and day as well as our booking agreement to ensure that both the client and the performers are on the same page. The rest of the payment will be collected after the event is complete or once the performance is done. 

How does the mermaid come? 

Our mermaid or pirate will usually arrive to your event about 30 minutes to an hour early to help prepare for their performance. For mermaid events, we highly reccomend that she arrive before your guests arrive to assess and make her entrance as believable as possible. Our mermaid almost always arrives with an assistant, not only for safety but to ensure a smooth performance throughout. 

For pool parties where guests are present in the water, we highly reccomend booking a lifeguard to have an extra set of eyes on deck. For children's parties over 15 children this will be a requirement and is often times factored into pricing. 

Can Performers Accept Gratuity?

Absolutely! Our performers definitely appreciate any tips or gratuity for a job well done. We also like hearing what you thought of the performance, if you were satisfied or we went above and beyond your expectations, be sure to include a review either on Gigsalad or Google. 

What if the children don't believe the mermaid is real?

We do our utmost to preserve the magic for both children and adults, however, there are certain cases where guests will usually try to heckle our performers to break character. We ask for full disclosure at all of our events and ask that clients never refer to any of our performers by name. If children begin heckling any of our performers, we kindly ask parents to intervene and let children know to use their imagination. 


If the heckling persists, we have the full authority to leave mid-event and end the services. Our staff will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment by any guest young or old. If intentional harm is brought upon the mermaid or any of our performers you will be liable for damage fees.

Want to book a mermaid in a public pool. Is that possible?

We can provide mermaid entertainment for every kind of facility.  However public pools can be a bit of a touchy subject due to a rather increased ban on the use of swimmable mermaid tails in certain public pools or fitness centers. If you are planning on booking a mermaid to perform in a public pool setting, be sure to contact the facility beforehand to make sure that mermaid tails are allowed in their establishment. However, we are more than happy to provide entertainment for any public pool setting. 

Which locations do you serve?

We definitely have swum around a majority of the California coastline. We  are based within the Bay Area so our major areas of interest include:

  • Oakland

  • San Fransisco

  • Palo Alto 

  • Berkley

  • San Jose & Milpitas

  • Sausalito

  • Dublin & Pleasanton

  • Sunnyvale

  • Walnut Creek 

  • Gilroy

  • Half Moon Bay

  • Santa Cruz

  • Antioch 

  • Mountain View


However, we have also serviced Sacramento, Vallejo, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, Oceanside, and San Diego as well. If you happen to be outside of these particular areas, there may be a travel fee included with your quote. We'll make sure to let you know beforehand so it doesn't come as a surprise. 

Can the tails be rented out for clients to use? 

Our silicone and fabric tails are quite gorgeous and are definitely a showstopper, however, we don't allow any rentals on our tails for two reasons: First, the tails are custom sized to fit our mermaid only and are likely not going to fit any other body size. Second, the tails are durable but we can't predict what will happen in any project. Silicone is durable but it is not indestructible. Tails can break or wear when exposed to extreme stress and we don't want any of our costumes passed on to anyone who is inexperienced with handling silicone or prosthetics. Fabric tails can be prone to damage as well, rips, snares, and tears are never fun and can be COSTLY to replace. So, to summarize it all, no. 

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