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Forged from the flames of war...
Bound By the  everlasting Sea
A Love that became Legend

"Forged by the Flames of War, , Bound by the Everlasting Sea,

and a Love that became Legend."


Set in the time of maritime lore and legends , Nymphia: Legend of the Sea tells the story of a young sea nymph who falls in love with a Viking prince after rescuing him from a tempest. With her home sea in great peril, the sea maiden must dare to risk it all and reunite with the man who holds the key to rekindling her memories before a goddess's prophecy brings unspeakable tragedy.


Written by Gabrielle Rivera.

Inspired by the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Little Mermaid. Nymphia: Legend of the Sea is truly an experience unlike anything heard or seen in immersive storytelling before. 

Delight in the truly magical sounds and voices in our audio drama podcast! Follow along with Nymphia & Prince Thor's epic tale in a medley of incredible sound effects, a fully voiced cast & ensemble, and an original sweeping score inspired by the classic fairy tales of old. There are plenty of magical surprises awaiting to be discovered.

Nymphia_ Legend of the Sea Cover.png

“The story of a young mermaid’s quest to reunite with a handsome Viking prince after saving his life one night during a violent storm. A magical tale of love, sacrifice and adventure.”

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid 

The first of many of Nymphia’s storybook adventures. This storybook is available in two formats and features a forward written by the author herself. 

Be on the lookout for more books to come as we near the holiday season of 2021!

ᚨ ᛚᛟᚡᛖ ᛒᛟᚢᚾᛞ ᛒᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚲᛖᚨᚾ
ᚨᚾ ᚨᛞᚡᛖᚾᛏᚢᚱᛖ ᛚᛁᚴᛖ ᚾᛟ ᛟᛏᚺᛖᚱ

Song of the Nereid is an upcoming anthology of short films based on the adventures in Legend of the Sea's main story. With the hope of transforming Nymphia and Thor's nautical tale into an epic, cinematic project.

With spellbinding costumes, a fully original soundtrack, as well as a few magical surprises that will be unveiled within the year, Song of the Nereid will truly be a visual feast for the eyes and a cinematic experience that will make you believe in the magic! 

If you would like to see updates on Song of the Nereid as well as be a part of the project, we are releasing exclusive content such as storyboards, teasers and updates on our newly established Patreon page!  For every pledge, each patron will receive magical rewards, deeper dives into the lore of Nymphia's world. never-released story shorts & deleted scenes, BTS content as well as exclusive release information before each video's release.

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