Pirate Entertainment 

"Yo ho! All together! Hoist the colors high. Heave ho! Thieves and beggars. Never shall we die..." 

For those seeking a little adventurous fun at your next occasion. Have a real live pirate sail the seven seas all the way down to your event and explore our many possible options on how you can make e your pirate visit memorable. From family fun to those more of an adult crown  we can provide the perfect nautical atmosphere that brings both humor and swashbuckling adventure! 

Children's Parties 

Have your little ones brave their own pirate adventure in this swashbuckling package that is perfectly tailors for your littlest of seafarers. From sword fighting & treasure hunting, to pirate themed  games & activities that are sure to get your little ones on their feet. 

Marco's pirate show is entertaining from start to finish and will even have some of our older buccaneers laughing as well. 

Adult Entertainment

Have a fun nautical addition for your next corporate event or function by having a pirate entertaining and interacting with your patrons. Marco Silvani is truly a character all his own and can provide everything from simple pirate ambiance in costume or shows that are guaranteed to make your audience roaring in their seats with laughtert. 

Inquire about Marco's new navy blue captain's coat which will be coming for our 2020 season. 

Seasonal Appearances

From ghostly pirates in October to Pirate & Mermaid Shenanigans for the summertime and beyond. Our seasonal opportunities provide a fun yet festive way to bring some pirate adventure to your holiday celebrations. We tailor our entertainment to fit your holiday needs. Check back on our booking page to see what opportunities will open up this season. 


(September 15th- October 31st)

Ghostly Pirate Appearances


Add a Ghostly Mariner for any halloween occaision. From haunted houses, private Halloween parties and festive halloween nightlife. Marco appears in a rugged, ghastly look reflecting the appearance of the souls claimed by the seas of old Maritime Mythology. 

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