The Seafarer's Treasure Trove Etsy Cover

The Signature Collection


Introducing our newest one of a kind collection to celebrate the grand reopening of our official shop! The Legend of the Sea Signature Collection features three very special art pieces that were drawn traditionally by Gabrielle Rivera (The Voice & Performer of Nymphia herself) 

This collection of merchandise will be featured on pearlized printed 5 x 7 prints and other small bits of merchandise. 10% of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to The Dolphin Project, a non--profit organizations bringing awareness and education against the dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan.


The first of Nymphia's published adventures that children can enjoy! Enjoy the abridged version of Nymphia's tale of love as she travels beyond the Mediterranean to reunite with her true love, as well as find her destiny. The book is currently available for purchase on StoryJumper Books, but we will be offering limited quantities of signed copies on our official shop's reopening. All orders for the physical book will receive priority access to our special read-along version that will be released on March of 2021.

Mermaid tops, treasures and Trinkets await you in Our secret Grotto


Nautical accessories befitting mermaid royalty await you! From beautiful hair combs & clips to full scale mermaid tops that are custom tailored to match your "mer"sonas personality, story and color scheme. We will be featuring a new set of custom pieces that can be made just for you! 

What are you waiting for? Hoist the sails and see what the treasure trove has to offer you! Who knows, you may find something special.