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Professional Mermaid & Entertainment 

"Mariners who've traversed the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea tell the tale of a beautiful young nereid who paid a hefty price to save a young Viking prince from a far off land.

Through their love, a legend was born. A mystical tale of love, sacrifice and adventure. Come with us now and be a part of the legend."


A Legend come to life


Mermaid Nymphia is a professional mermaid performer based in the serene waters of the Southern California coastline, however she has traveled far beyond her home sea to bring magic and fun to those she encounters on her journeys.

From the whimsical fun of children's parties, the glittering nightlife of upscale events,  to the fantastical atmosphere of a Renaissance or fantasy faire, we have serviced many an event up and down the California coast and we are more than capable of providing the highest quality level of immersive mermaid entertainment.

Armed with a beautiful singing voice, an artist's creativity and a passion for storytelling, Nymphia serves to create a one of a kind sense of enchantment that only a true mermaid can bring.


For booking Inquiries, Send us a "sea-Mail" at:

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