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A Mermaid for ConservatioN

As a mermaid, one of the values that have truly inspired me was the idea of giving back to our oceans. 


When I was certified as a scuba diver, I was told by my instructor that we serve as ambassadors for our oceans. As divers, we honor the passion and dedication to keep our oceans clean and free of debris. 


With every year, the rate of plastic waste found in our waters accumulates at an alarming rate. Marine life have been victims of pollution, overfishing and human carelessness. Inspired by mermaids before me, I want to help give a voice to creatures who are unable to speak for themselves. 


For every gig booked with any of my services, 10% of my proceeds are donated to conservation organizations that work around the world to rehabilitate ocean species from the brink of extinction.


I also serve an ambassador & contributor for Save The Nautilus(C)  an organization started by 11 year old Josiah Utsch and Ridgely Kelly to restore the population of the chambered nautilus and to stop international trade of nautilus shells and jewelry.



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