Have you ever dreamed of swimming with the mystical merfolk, or just simply meeting one of them in the flesh? Well look no further than our very own mermaid entertainment services to provide that extra magical touch to your next birthday party or corporate events!

Guests will be spellbound at the sight of a real mermaid swimming in your very own water feature! Nymphia is more than happy to swim all over the California coastline an beyond to create magical memories for both the young and the young at heart.




Fully insured, Armed with 4 years of performance experience from musical theater to improv, as well as a water safety instructor certification in Lifeguarding. We can assure that you're not only receiving quality entertainment, but that safety for you and your guests is top priority. 

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Children's parties


Children's parties are one of our most popular requests! Have Nymphia arrive in style in her inflatable seashell float which provides the perfect nautical ambiance for photo opportunities. Nymphia also brings waves of fun activities like an interactive story time, sing along, bubbles, glitter tattoos, & her favorite treasure chest full of real preserved sea life. Learn about the mysteries of the ocean and enjoy the encounter of a lifetime. 

Adult Entertainment


Who said that mermaids were just for kids? Nymphia truly shines at any upscale event or performance! Our costume pieces drip with nautical elements that are sure to turn many a head at any corporate event or adult party. Whether it be for a simple meet & greet on dry land, or swimming/ posing in a water feature of your choice. We provide a magical atmosphere that will have your guests raving for hours!

Underwater Shows


Nymphia truly shines in the depths of her natural habitat! With an ethereal grace like no other. Watch as your guests are mesmerized by the sight of a swimming mermaid in any aquarium or underwater viewing space. Our mermaid is not only beautiful to look at underwater, she also boasts a scuba diving certification and freedive training to maintain a steady breathhold


Nymphia is also available for a variety of events such as:

- Birthday Parties (children & Adults)

- Pool Parties 

-  Beachside Appearances 

- Charity & Non-Profit Organizations

- Renaissance Faires & Festivals

- Conservation Education

- Photoshoots & Modeling

- Film/ TV

- Boat & yacht parties

- Brand Ambassadorship 


and so much more! if you can dream it,

We can definitely accommodate any occasion

Book your next mermaid Adventure with us today

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