Nymphia's Story


 Mermaid Nymphia had always been fascinated about the ocean and the mythology of merpeople for many years.


Having grown up in San Diego, a place known for its rather scenic beach life and home of both Sea World and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. A place where Nymphia called home for most of her life. It wasn't until after leaving art school in Los Angeles with the aspiration of becoming a costume designer, did the idea of becoming a professional mermaid seemed like a possibility. She felt drawn to the idea of professional mermaiding because as Nymphia herself puts it, it combines all of her passions, including costume design, aquatics, storytelling and theater, as well as working alongside children. With a little bit of imagination as well as encouragement from rather business-savvy family members, Nymphia's story was just about the begin. 

Since her initial idea of performing, Nymphia has been delivering mer-formances for about 4 years now, servicing her home seas of San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area in San Fransisco. Nymphia has made a name for herself performing alongside the sea-sisters of the OB Merpod, Dark Tide Productions LLC, The California Mermaid Convention, and Pacific Coast Mermaids of San Diego, performing for Renaissance Faires, maritime festivals, and large scale public events alongside the Maritime Museum of San Diego. She has also made frequent appearances on the shorelines of Venice Beach, meeting the locals and tourists who call the beach their paradise.

​With bigger hopes and dreams in mind, Nymphia hopes to spread the idea of not only conserving and protecting our ocean species., but to also spread the idea of acceptance and love. As a proud mermaid of trans-identity, Nymphia wishes to show whoever she meets that anyone can accomplish their dreams, regardless of skin color, gender orientation, sexuality, ​and religion.


She hopes that the idea of mermaiding can be a safe haven as well as revolutionizing the passion into something exciting, fun as well as something that can be easily experienced by all.

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Certified Open Water Scuba Diver 
Certified Lifeguard Instructor for American Red Cross