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Chasing A Dream, Living a Fantasy

Nymphia: The Nautilus Mermaid is a professional mermaid performer based in the temperate waters of Los Angeles who travels across the California Coastline to bring magic to both the young and the young at heart. 

Born and raised in the beautiful San Diego county, Nymphia started her journey as a mermaid in 2016 after performing at the Escondido Renaissance Festival alongside a local performer group and since then, has truly made a name for herself in the performing industry as both a mermaid, a voice for trans merfolk, and a storyteller specializing in a true sense of immersive lore and story crafting. 

With a heavy background in aquatics, (scuba diving, as well as an American Red Cross lifeguard instructor certification under her belt), and a passion for costume design and performance art, Nymphia serves to show those she meets that anyone has the power to chase after their wildest dreams.

Nymphia's Tale
Legends spun from old Italian seafarers of the Mediterranean coast have sung of a romantic legend of a young nereid (sea nymph) who braves the treacherous open seas to reunite with her true love, and reclaim her birthright as heir to a goddess's mystical power.  

Born during a night of great sorrow, Nymphia is the youngest in a trio of nereid sisters who preside over the realm of the Mediterranean Sea. Nymphia is known by her people as the "Child of the Sea:" a priestess who governs over the protection of the healing force of the Mediterranean Sea as well as serve as its guardian and protector. She is the descendant of the mythical goddess Amphitrite, and is known to rise from the depths to help mariners lost at sea during times of great peril. 

Nymphia's most famous legend across the known realms is the romantic tale of how she met her prince, a gallant young Viking by the name of Thor, heir to a mysterious kingdom deep within the Scandinavian fjords. After saving his life from a tempest in her youth, Nymphia sacrificed her very humanity and her former human memories to save the young prince from the verge of death. With the promise that their fates would be connected by the sea, the young maiden vowed that one day their paths would cross once more in a different time. While time passed, her feelings and love for Thor never faltered and mustering her courage set off to brave the treacherous open seas beyond the borders of her Mediterranean homeland to 
discover where her destiny is meant to lead her.

Despite her legacy and role, Nymphia is as pure of heart as the stories claim. Gentle, kind, and demure, but with a stalwart and noble spirit, daring to risk it all to protect those she holds dear, and the sea in which she calls home. She has a fondness for stories! Tales of far away lands and happily ever afters, and often shares those she hears with her sisters, as well as human children she meets in her travels.  She is affectionately known by many a seafarer as the "Fanciulla Del'Mare" or "Maiden of the Sea" because of her purity and noble demeanor.  While she usually remains within the depths of her home sea, she does have a curious fascination with humans and prefers to watch them safely from a distance. 

Mariners have claimed to have seen her during the nights of severely stormy seas. Locals of the nearby maritime haven of Portofino have heard tales of a beautiful singing voice echoing through a mysterious grotto at sunset where she is said to frequent. Viking warriors of the mythical land of Valhalla claim she had been seen frolicking amidst the frigid Nordic seas, no doubt to visit her beloved prince upon his home shore. Wherever she is seen, Nymphia is a rather friendly creature and is more than happy to say a friendly hello as opposed to drowning those who get too close. 

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